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Treatment &
Preventative Care

There is something about a clean and well-furnished office that says "Let's get down to business". At Exceed Services, our goal is to provide you with services that keep that ambitious attitude alive and well in your office. Whether you are needing quality wood, fabric, and leather cleaning or even having your art work cleaned, our team-members can provide you with that service at a competitive price and even better quality.



Cloth chairs are an everyday part of your office. Because most professionals sit and work out of them most of the week, they tend to get worn, stained...



Woodwork is something that can bring a smooth freshness to a room with its soft grain and flowing lines. Like everything else, with time, damage from...


Data Center

Data tile is designed specifically to ward off dust and all of the problems that come along with it. Obviously, it would be next to...



Art work, just like your best furniture, is an investment that can bring depth and life to a room. However, without keeping your art presentable...


Luxury, class, and high quality are what are commonly associated with leather. The rich material is a great feature in just about any room. However, if not...